EonStore DS 1000 Series

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" Baie de stockage Fiber Channel / IP SAN ISCSI - Simple / Double contrôleur - Mémoire de 2-4 à 16-32 Gb DDR3 - 12 & 16 disques SATA III de 1 à 6 To - Attachement 2-4 x FC 16Gb ou 4-8 x FC 8Gb - Attachement 4-8 x ports 1Gbe - Alimentation redondante - Evolutif à 316 disques "

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EonStor DS 1000 Series

Affordable storage with onboard iSCSI and FC/SAS enhances performance and scalability.

EonStor DS 1000 series storage systems deliver among the best cost to performance ratios for SMB users of all entry-level RAID

solutions. Models available in diverse form factors: 12-bay, 16-bay, and compact 24-bay. All include four 1Gb/s iSCSI ports per controller to

expand networking and connectivity – an architecture created with surveillance applications in mind, which need fast interconnect to

multiple clients. Up to 316 drives in LFF and 360 in SFF may be attached via JBOD enclosures to each system. With 6TB drive

support, that means up to 1.9PB in capacity made available.


Performance design for your suitable budget for SMB

EonStor DS 1000 system, entry-level enterprise-class storage system designed with unprecedented in-segment performance. Available for

single, dual controller and Turbo performance models to meet different budget for SMB.


Performance     EonStor DS 1000R/RB    EonStor DS 1000RT/RTB

IOPS                      380K                                     550K

Read (MB/s)         5,500                                    5,500

Write (MB/s)         1,900                                    1,900


High scalability

EonStor DS 1000 systems support as many as 360 drives through compatible expansion enclosures. Scalability is a much more costeffective

solution than buying additional storage systems, resulting in additional savings.


Storage acceleratiowitSSCache 

EonStor DS 1000 systems support large high speed SSD cache pools. SSD Cache speeds up read performance for priority data, and boosts

cache pool capacities up to 3.2TB. As many as four SSDs per controller can be used, including SATA disks. In addition to faster read speeds,

SSD Cache reduces performance impact compared to spin-drive caches with rapid warm up and less drive wear. Configuring and managing SSD

Cache pooling is easy via the intuitive SANWatch UI.

Hybrid host interface with on board ISCSI

EonStor DS 1000 models incorporate four 1Gb/s iSCSI ports on each controller by default, which can be added to by choosing 8Gb/s or

16Gb/s Fibre Channel, 6Gb/s or 12Gb/s SAS, or 10Gb/s iSCSI to go alongside them. As deployments strive for maximum efficiency and

resource consolidation, a hybrid host interface design is of great value, as it supports better performance as well as wider connectivity.


Comprehensive data services

Affordable for smaller businesses, the EonStor DS 1000 series offers enterprise-grade data services such as snapshot and volume

copy/mirror to make multiple backups simple and quick. Thin provisioning helps with intelligent storage utilization, while optional 4-

level automated storage tiering is the solution you need to leverage high speed drives for frequently-used data. For security and backup, remote

replication offers dependable disaster recovery by creating offsite datasets that stay operational even if your main location goes offline.

Compatibility with SED (self-encrypting drives) delivers unbreakable defense against disk theft or misplacement and also expedites data deletion.

  • Mémoire 2 GB DDR3 évolutif à 32 GB
  • Simple contrôleur OUI
  • Double contrôleur Opt
  • Contrôleur Hot Swap OUI
  • Attachement Serveur 2-4 x 16 Gb FC ou 4-8 x 8Gb
  • Attachement Serveur Sup 4x1 Ports 1GbE
  • Nombre de disques 12 & 16
  • Modèle de disques SATA III 1-2-3-4 ou 6 To
  • Baie de disques sup OUI
  • Alimentation Simple NON
  • Alimentation redondante Hot Swap OUI
  • Dimensions 2U & 3U 19 Pouces
  • Poids 21 Kg